Creepy Purity Bear is Creepy

Wait – first read the YouTube description of this video:

This is a student made video saying that the best way to stay sexually pure is to wait until marriage. Having one partner is the God-approved way to enjoy sex.

God must have forgotten to tell that to Newt. Bah dah dum! Okay, heeeeeere’s Purity Bear:

Did anyone else pick up on the fact that Eve tempted Adam, and not the other way around? And that good, chaste Adam turned away the seductress Eve (gently, kindly, but with manly firmness and moral conviction that she’s lacking. Heh…”manly firmness”).

The video’s description contains a promotion for the Liberty Counsel’s Day of Purity. DOP’s website “offers those who strive for sexual purity an opportunity to stand together in opposition to a culture of moral decline.” The website urges young people to “be a part of the ‘counter-coulture’ – – be politically incorrect.” Do it! Or, wait…don’t do it! Or purity bear will come and judge you while sadly watching you have immoral, out-of-wedlock sex.

This (the video, purity bear and the DOP)  is hilarious, infuriating and sad. Yes, waiting to have sex (however you define that) until you are in a committed marriage (whatever that means to you and your partner) is a great way to to stay “sexually pure” (whatever that means). It’s also not very realistic. This video is an example of how religious indoctrination makes teens feel guilty about their normal, biological, sexual urges. And it’s an example of how religion seems to have trouble speaking frankly about sex to children and teens. I mean, who takes sex advice from a teddy bear? What do they know about sex? Well, unless they’re zoo-bound grizzly bears; they have promiscuous sex all year round to fend off the boredom. Hey! Nice role model you chose there, Liberty Counsel!

But, whatever. All I know is I want Purity Bear. He does look cuddly. Plus, I could put him on my bedside table so he can watch when I have sex. Poor bear could probably use some good ol’ voyeurism after this stint.

Seen over at Joe.My.God

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6 Responses to “Creepy Purity Bear is Creepy”

  1. sexytofu Says:

    Hahaha, three cheers for voyeurism! Diggin your blog! Check out mine, I’m running a contest this week where you can win fun sexy extras! Whats better than sexy stuff? Free sexy stuff. yeahh.

    • biodork Says:

      Thanks for stopping by, sexytofu. Your blog is pretty full of the sexy times. I have a feeling Purity Bear would have a field day over at your site! 🙂

  2. June Schubert Says:

    I’m not sure how staying “pure” is politically incorrect. I always thought of politically correctness as another phrase for polite, as in not calling people racist, sexist, or whatever other -ist names.

    • biodork Says:

      Hi, June! Good to “see” you! If the world was a better place “politically correct” would just be “correct”, and I would say that correct is not being discriminatory or bigoted against people of any stripe, shade or shape.

      Purity is such an unrealistic thing to reach for, isn’t it? Purity isn’t much different that perfection, and Christian guilt won’t allow followers to claim that. Pride coming before the fall, and all that.

      Hey – we should have a Day of Perfection, where we all try to be perfect to each other! Think we could make it 24 hours? 24 minutes?

  3. Jack Cluth Says:

    Purity bear…related to pedobear?? Hmm…. 😉

    I just happened to run across your blog on a random Google image search. Once upon a time, I lived about a block from the cherry outside the Walker Art Center. I think you’ve got a good thing here; keep up the good work.

    I’ve put a link to your on my site: … carry on!!


    • biodork Says:

      Well, purity bear and pedobear both have a creepy factor going, I’ll give you that. Thanks for the kind words, and for the blogaddawe – pronounced “blog-a-daw” – it’s my special word for when I’m awed to be put on someone’s blogroll.

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