Married People Conversations

We were about to leave the house to go on a bike ride, but before we did I jumped on the computer to double check our route, and the Hubby laid down on the ground to stretch. I ended up fiddling around on the internet for a bit longer than necessary, and the Hubby’s stretching turned into dozing off. When I was finally done, I turned around in my chair and saw this:

Me: Wow, you both got comfortable.

Hubby: She likes me!

Me: [snorts] She likes warm, soft places to sit.

Hubby: Oh yeah? Then why does she like laying here on my rock hard abs?

Me: Oh, honey.


2 Responses to “Married People Conversations”

  1. Carly Says:

    Haha! You two & your kitty are so adorable!

  2. Consider the Tea Cosy Says:

    Every aspect of this is adorable 🙂

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