Saturday Snippits

You know you might read too much I Can Haz Cheezburger when it creeps into your work life.  I left this note for a coworker a few days ago to let her know that I was using some of her lab equipment.  I didn’t realize how dorky it was until she came up to me wondering what was up with the note:

Here’s an close-up:


The Minneapolis Farmer’s Market opened today!  I wanted to get there early to beat the crowds and get my pick of the new produce, meats, crafts, etc.  I groggily  got up out of bed at 6:30am this morning and ambled downtown, and after all that effort…well, it’s too bad that I missed the part about the Market opening at 9am.  This is what I saw when I arrived at 7:30 in the morning:

Doh! …At least I beat the crowds.

I did have fun watching the vendors set up.  Here’s a picture of an early flower vendor rolling his cart up to the seller’s area, with the Minneapolis skyline in the background (perspective is from the Northwest).

This early in the season, there’s not much in the way of fresh produce.  Any produce that is available is most likely ordered from larger distributers and repackaged – see the bulk onion bags in the back of dude’s truck? But there are local meat and dairy farmers selling meats, cheeses, and eggs, and today there were a couple of people selling seedlings and local artisans selling soap and pottery.

Another thing that was interesting about the early open was the prices of everything were higher than in the summer – less competition.  There was only one person selling flowers when I arrived, and they were going for $8-$20.  In the summer, you have 5-10 flower sellers per aisle, and almost nothing is over $5/bunch.

In the summer, the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market *explodes* – every vendor spot is taken, vendors peddle ready-to-eat treats, street musicians have their instrument cases open and ready to catch your spare change, and customers swarm over every spare inch of asphalt.  I’ll have to check it out again next week…although maybe I’ll sleep in a little longer this time.


Garden 2010 – Photo Update:

Last Week:  4/10/10

Today: 4/17/10

Verdict: Not dead yet.


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3 Responses to “Saturday Snippits”

  1. paula Says:

    I would have wet myself I found a sign like that – but then I’m as addicted to the cheezeburger site as you are.

    It seemed like a wonderful day to go and people watch. But next week, maybe sleep in.

  2. Minneapolis Farmers Market Says:

    Our official spring opening is next Saturday, April 24. Today was an impromptu spring preview; warm weather and hoop-house growing mean some growers already have local tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions, spinach, peppers and pansies. So they were raring to go and set up at 9 today. We’ll look for you next week, and the week after and after and after and after. Oh, and we have a new dairy and a new chocolatier.

    • biodork Says:

      Thanks for the reply! It’s so cool to get a message from Mpls Farmers Market! And thanks for the info about the hoop-house growing (I had to look that one up). I will definitely be out next Saturday – the Market is one of my favorite parts about summer in Minneapolis.

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