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Pam Ann

December 15, 2010

What?  Busy…very busy!

Work is crazy.  I spent hours wrapping presents last night (I LOVE wrapping presents! Seriously, there was cloth ribbon and hot glue guns involved).  I haven’t had time to blog, but I have started four new drafts about all of the awesomeness that I’d like to share, so here’s hoping for a few free minutes.  For now, watch Pam Ann.   If you love crude and snooty-yet-trashy women, or airline humor, or British accents, I’d say that there is an excellent chance that maybe you’ll find her perhaps hilariously funny.


…Prepare to Die! By Lightsaber!

December 8, 2010

I found this on twitter last night. Thank you, twitterverse for injecting some humor into my sick day. How awesome is this mashup of Princess Bride and Star Wars? It’s older, but new to me!

T-Mobile Flash Mob

November 17, 2010

I LOVE flash mobs!  I don’t even care that this is a marketing gimmick; this was so much fun to watch:

Seen via Stephen Fry‘s twitter.

Humanist reflections

November 16, 2010

These videos have made me feel all sentimental, inspired, and humanist-y.

Resistance to allowing gay service members to serve openly is one of those things that I just cannot wrap my head around.  Jeff Shang’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell exhibit contains photographs of closeted men and women who are serving in the military under DADT.  The photos and the subjects are beautiful, heartbreaking and haunting.

I followed that up with Science Saved My Soul by philhellenes, which I found over at Attempts at Rational Behavior.  The beginning of this video will take your breath away; the images of the night sky and the universe, the well-delivered script describing the beauty, the horror and the immense magnitude of the universe, and the music are all beautiful.

After giving the viewer a few seconds to catch his/her breath, the next ten minutes are devoted to a eloquent argument against organized religion, to being open to finding God without religion.  As philhellenes writes in the description for the video “I’m not against the Creator(s), if they exist, if they ever existed. I’m not against the search for the Creator(s). What blows MY mind is that people think religion has anything to do with it at all.”

Look at Yourself. Now look at Grover.

November 5, 2010

Update: Yes, my commenters are absolutely 100% correct. Earlier I had horribly misspelled “Grover” as “E-L-M-O”. I don’t know how frackin’ spellcheck missed that one.  I’ve updated the post title so I stop confusing people.


HIGH-larious.  Thanks to @bug_girl for posting this on twitter this morning.

‘Sup, Friday night?

October 29, 2010

It’s Halloween weekend!

I am entirely too jealous of several friends who are on the way to tomorrow’s Rally for Sanity in DC.  I can’t wait to hear all about it, and to see the awesome video footage and photographs that will come out of the event.

I am also very much yearning to go to The Gathering of American Gods at the House on the Rock, but that is this weekend, so that is not happening.

In other news, Greg Laden’s Blog made me happy tonight.  Well, not the video of Michelle Bachmann expounding on science, but everything else was pretty interesting.  And this video made my night:





Is everyone on FB right now, or what?

October 16, 2010

Seriously, stop with all the awesome, I’m trying to work!

I love that the people shown here didn’t get mad and seemed to genuinely think about the question and the implications of the answer.

And this one is just good fun.

You go, Mister President, Sir.  You smoke that cigarette!


Secret Powers of Time

October 14, 2010

Last night I was reintroduced to the name of Professor Philip Zimbardo.  I remember discussing his Stanford Prison Experiment in college, but I couldn’t have told you that he was the one involved with it.

I saw this video of one of his lectures yesterday.  It was remarkably engaging!  The lecture is fast-paced – he jumps from topic to topic, and along the way manages to hit on differences in world and regional cultures, teaching theory, business, multi-tasking, family values, and many more.  The visuals are unique and kept me rooted to my seat.  After it was over, I couldn’t believe that I had been watching this video for 10 minutes.

A cursory google search tells me that Dr. Philip Zimbardo has only worked on about a gazillion and a half projects, including a couple dozen books and articles.  A youtube search for “Philip Zimbardo” brings up 237 videos about the man.  So I know what I’ll be doing tonight!*

Thanks to Aaron M. for posting the Secret Powers of Time video on Facebook.

*Well, tomorrow night, maybe.  Tonight I’m going to see Michael Shermer at the University of Minnesota!

Flash Mob: Homophobia Kills Die-In

October 11, 2010

Act on Principles is a group promoting “Full LGBT civil rights now. No delay. No excuses.” The group is currently attempting to get the American Equality Bill (AEB) filed in the Senate.  The AEB would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as federally protected statuses. 

Queer SOS is an activist project of the Act on Principles group that is focusing their attention on Senator Gillibrand of New York.  Queer SOS wants Sen. Gillibrand to file the proposed American Equality Bill.  Last Friday Queer SOS hosted “Flash Mob: Homophobia Kills Die-In” in Grand Central Station:

Aside from hosting energizing flash mob art-performances-with-a-message, Queer SOS is demonstrating daily outside of Sen. Gillibrand’s offices.  This is part of the the communication that the AEB Project sent to Sen. Gillibrand on 9/17/10 (bolding is original):

Dear Senator Gillibrand,

I’m writing to request again that you commit to and file a Civil Rights bill for our community immediately.

As you know, it is the prime duty of Government to protect its citizens from discrimination and Congress has failed over 30 million LGBTQ people in this regard.

We can not wait any longer for action to redress this.

To press this issue, activists will be launching a daily, friendly vigil outside your campaign offices starting Sept. 27th until the American Equality Bill (AEB) is filed.   If no bill is filed as of October 11th we plan to go 24/7, and then on Nov. 2nd to begin group fasting. 

This is a very serious matter as people will be risking their health standing outside and fasting for basic human justice.  We should not have to take these steps, but talking about this has failed and there is no other option.

We will broadcast our work daily, seek as much media attention as possible, and try to join you at other public campaign appearances.

Please know that this is not an opposition action in any way and that we are very happy your campaign is doing so well! But we NEED YOUR HELP now! We need this bill to organize around and there is no excuse for not filing it immediately.

rest of letter omitted

I support public demonstrations that do not harm or unduly inconvenience the audience to the point where they are coerced into taking action.  Get out there, make your message known, go first amendment-protected speech! 

But group fasting?

It appears to me that threatening a fast is a coercive action – Hey Senator, I’m going to hurt myself unless you do what I want you to do.  I support the goals of this group and I want to support the group itself, but I have reservations about fasting as a political statement.  I know that hunger strikes aren’t new, but why are they okay?  Why is holding one’s health hostage an acceptable means of political pressure?  Can anyone tell me why hunger strikes are appropriate, or give me arguments about why they are not?

Baby Monkey

October 5, 2010

You’re welcome.

And I’m sorry.

All together now: Baby Monkey! Baby Monkey! Riding on a Pig, Baby Monkey!