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Where’s the Sun?

June 14, 2010

Happy Grab Bag Random Lazy No Prepared Post Monday!

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1)Is it June?  I could have sworn it was June already.  That means it’s the summer time and I want sunshine!  The average June temperature in Minneapolis ranges from about 63-83°C in June and 2010 seems to be on the lower end of that scale, but can I at least have some sunshine?  Brrrr….I wore a coat yesterday!  In June!


2)  Happy Flag Day!

Wikipedia sez:

In the United States, Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened that day by resolution of the Second Continental Congress in 1777.

Cool poster from June 14th, 1917:

3)  On last week’s Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe I heard about the unfortunate side-effect of a brand of mumbo-jumbo being exacerbated by the South Africa World Cup in the story “Vulture Threatened by Pseudoscience”.

Apparently there is a type of South African traditional medicine called muti which relies on natural products from trees and other vegetation.  Some South African cultures integrate other natural products into their treatments, namely, body parts.  The body parts may come from animal or even human sources.

In the case of this story, the body part in question is the brain of South African vultures, an animal that is already in danger of extinction (7 of 9 South African vulture species are classified as endangered).  Gamblers are smoking the dried vulture brain in hopes of foreseeing the winner of the World Cup.  From Scientific American:

In addition to dreams of winning lotto numbers or sports teams, practitioners say the practice can give users an edge on taking tests or help their business attract more clients.

Photo Source

Don’t eat me, I’m a pretty African White-backed Vulture that eats icky dead things so you don’t have to deal with them!

Ahhhh, weekend.

February 7, 2010

I had a nice weekend.

Saturday I went to lunch with my friend Elizabeth, and afterwards we partook in my naughty pedicure indulgence.  Really, any spa treatment is a-okay by me (“Are you ready for your treatment?”  “I enjoy my treatments”)…I just wish they didn’t cost as much as an off-broadway show ticket.  Damn it, and I still haven’t seen Rent live!  Seriously, I don’t do it that often, but who the hell pays $65 to have someone rub their feet and paint their toe nails?  Oh, I do.  Did I mention that I only do it rarely?  Not that I feel guilty or anything, but…I work hard for my money and I can spend it anyway I want to and you can’t stop me!

Saturday night was a nice, quiet one.  I watched Up (the Pixar cartoon) with the Hubby, and I sobbed like a baby during the opening scene when they did the Carl and Ellie montage, and then Hubby said something cute and appropriate like “that’ll be us”…and then finished the thought with…”but you can’t die first”, which I can’t decide is sweet or mean…

Sunday I had breakfast with some friends, and then went grocery shopping at Target, which is NEVER a good idea on a weekend afternoon.  I actually stopped at Target prior to breakfast to pick up my share of the breakfast potluck (cream cheese and lox, and bagels for the gluten-eating infidels) and almost cried because the store was so wonderfully empty, and I knew that I would have to come back later in the afternoon when the crowds had invaded.

Except clueless, self-centered soccer moms racing up and down the narrow aisles, yelling into surgically attached smartphones with screaming spawn-children hanging from the carts like the cast of Jackass might rank a little higher than zombies on the scare-o-meter.

So, all in all, not a bad weekend.  I was able to get some chores done (still have to change the litterbox, darn it), read a few things, watch a few things, see a few friends and hang out with the Hubby.  Priceless (well, except for that pedicure).

Credit where credit’s due: I found the zombie horde picture at (but this blogger doesn’t cite a reference, so I’m not sure where it’s from originally).  Moonbattery is a conservative blog, and you know those are always good for a few zombies.  Moonbattery is actually using the zombie pic with the following caption: “San Francisco panhandlers echoing Obama’s call for change.”  I think my use of zombiage is funnier.

Status Updates Too Geeky for Facebook

February 1, 2010

I can’t upload pictures to wordpress at work.  Boo.

Calibration curves are sweet in theory, but a pain to work with when you’ve got three sets of standards run on three different instruments every day for five days.

Funny Lean/Six Sigma jokes heard at my job:
“Lean – It’s like common sense, but with more paperwork”.
“Lean is like communism – it works GREAT in theory”.

The Narwhal song is stuck in my head.  Actually, this one I might put up on my facebook wall.

Test Post

December 17, 2009

Aren’t those test posts that people write weird and annoying?  It’s like they’re just writing meaningless nothings to see what happens when they post their First Post.   And even though they’ve Previewed their message, they still publish the drivel, just because…well…one has to start somewhere, I suppose.