CUP Winners

The Close-Up Photo (CUP) Contest was a Biodork blog feature that was dragged out interminably by its creator ran from 10/18/10 to 11/30/11. Carly was the winner of the CUP Contest.

These are the player rankings and winners of all previous CUP Contest.

Player Rankings as of 11/30/2011

Player Points
Carly 1070
Vicki 815
Erin B. 805
Noelle 750
Jeremy 735
Michelle 700
Lance Finney 660
Ellie 445
Judi 365
Jennifer M 260
Doug 240
jana 215
AnyEdge 210
Jude 200
Steve 180
Cate 175
Heidi 175
Lisa 165
Ben Zvan 150
Whitney 145
Madeline 140
Laurie 110
Rick 110
Jen (BH) 100
Alan (koxl003) 100
Christopher Baye 90
Lynn 80
Dan M. 75
Steve P 75
Ben 65
Mully410 50
Mieux 45
Leogirl1975 40
Bill W. 25
Carrie S 25
Forrest L 25
Laura SJ 25
Sam 25
Softscience 25
Tim Cooley 25
Becca Leah 20
Dave F. 20
J.Mark 20
Paula 20
Pertusey 15

Contests & Prizes: I’m always on the look out for other contests or prizes.  If you have any ideas for prizes, if you would like to donate  a prize for this or future contests, or if you have suggestions for how to improve the CUP Contest, I’d love to hear them.  You can leave a comment on this page or email me at bio_dork(at)hotmail(dot)com. Also check out my Talk to Me! page for info about past contests, prizes and how I can accommodate sponsors.

PRIZES: The winner will be the first person to accrue 1000 internet points from participating in the CUP Contests.  Aside from having bragging rights forever, the current lame prize is that the winner gets to choose any topic that they’d like to see me do a blog about.  It can be a serious or humorous topic, it can be requested to be audio, video, written or – help us all – drawn/painted/sculpted or some other artistic rendering.  It can be on something I know nothing about, or something that I’ve written about in the past.  It can be dedicated to someone.  I will even include links if I approve of them beforehand.  I will reserve the right to veto any aspect of the request because I’m not going to do a post on something that could harm or embarrass me or other people in a bad way.  But other than that, all is fair game.

10/17/10 – Bubbles in the Kitchen Sink
Winner: Vicki – 100 points!

10/18/10 – Stapler Base
Winner: Jeremy – 100 points!

10/22/10 – Bottom of an iPod Touch
Winner: Jen – 100 points!

10/26/10 – Toilet Paper on the Roll
Winner: Jeremy – 100 points!

11/4/10 – Locker Door
Winner: Vicki – 100 points!

11/18/10 – Coffee
Winner: Jana – 100 points!

11/23/10 – Car Headlight
Winner: Jeremy – 100 points!

12/10/10 – Red Cabbage
Winner: Erin B. – 100 points!

1/19/11 – Bottom of a Plastic Water Bottle
Winner: Michelle

2/9/11 – Fluorescent Lighting Fixture
Winner: Rick

3/23/11 – Speaker of a Telephone Handset
Winner: Laurie

4/25/11 – Acorn Squash
Winner (CTBTCWTTA):Carly

5/4/11 – Pink Grapefruit
Winner: Noelle

5/15/11 – Motorcycle Cooling Fins
Winner: Judi

5/21/11 – Brick
Winner: Noelle

11/9/11 – Jet Ski Steering Nozzle
Winner: Ben Zvan

11/10/11 – Top of a Coffee Pot
Winner: Whitney and Christopher Baye

11/11/11 – Scissors
Winner: Lance Finney

11/12/11 – Pepsi Sign on a Vending Machine
Winner: Carly

11/14/11 – Keel of a Kayak
Winner: Jeremy

11/15/11 – Water Wheel
Winner: Lance Finney

11/17/11 – Pool Skimming Net
Winner: Carly

11/18/11 – Carpet
Winner: Lance Finney

11/21/11 – Swiffer Mop Head
Winner: Lisa

11/22/11 – Lily Pad Leaves
Winner: Doug

11/23/11 – Metamucil
Winners: Lance Finney and AnyEdge

11/28/11 – Bar of a Backgammon Board
Winner: Carly

11/29/11 – Fire Hydrant Bolt
Winner: Carly

11/30/11 – Vibram Five Fingers
Winner: Carly

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