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$600 Cat Toy

May 21, 2011

My friend has a really expensive toy for her cat, Luna.


How to Tell If You’ll Be Raptured Tomorrow

May 20, 2011

The Rapture is this weekend! Use this handy flowchart to figure out if you’re going to be one of the lucky ones this weekend. And by lucky ones, I mean those of us left here to enjoy the Earth and all of the available parking spaces, easy restaurant reservations and short lines at the checkout. Unfortunately, according to the figure below not many of us stand a chance of being Raptured, so it’ll still be a pretty crowded place down here.

click image to make readable

Seen on The Things I’ve Missed, A Growing List. Original source Peas and Cougars.

Yeah? Ohhh!

May 14, 2011

It’s a silly thing, but it makes me grin every time I watch it.

Thanks to Courtney for the heads up.

Knit Frog Dissection

April 27, 2011

This is almost as cool as the lego dissection!

From Etsy:

Wow your scientist friends and colleagues with the coolness of this piece of knitted art. The frog is hand knit from a silk/wool blend, and his little innards were needle-felted by hand out of 100% wool. He comes pinned into his black wood 8 x 10 inch frame, but he is not glued down, so you can take him out and cuddle him if you wish.

Designed and hand knitted by me ~ The Crafty Hedgehog
Copyright 2007 Emily Stoneking

This little guy was only $7.50! Sadly, it was sold out. But then, why wouldn’t it be?
Seen on Twitter via CaptainSkellet

MarsCon 2011 Teaser Photo

March 8, 2011

I’ve been crazy busy. Last weekend I  was at MarsCon, a fantasy/scifi convention in Bloomington, MN and this week I’m preparing for a trip to Cozumel. Rough life, I know.  Plus I have two standing engagements this week; Monday I was gaming and Thursday I’m going to monthly meeting of the Minneapolis Skeptics. That leaves Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to blog and do all those things that one does before going on vacation.

I have some fun stories and pictures from MarsCon, but I haven’t had time to write them up or to go through the photos in any detail yet. For now I’ll leave you with this photo from the very beginning of the convention. People are taking seats for opening ceremonies. My good friend Mark is in the foreground modeling his new, super-sexy Clark Kent glasses.

More to come!


Oh heck, the seating photo was pretty bland. Have a photo of drunk, middle-aged He-Man from the opening ceremonies production:

Hehehe. Gotta love the fearless nerds and geeks.

Tonight I’m Frakking You!

February 21, 2011

I found this awesome HUGELY geeky video on rosekcmr’s twitterfeed. There are some great cameos in here!

Easing into Monday

February 14, 2011

This weekend was GREAT for fun, geeky, silly links. Here are my top three favorites.

First, head over to Geekosystem’s 50 Things That Look Like Faces. While you’re there make sure to learn about pareidolia and why our brains want to see faces in random phenomena. Of all of the images, I liked the screaming pepper the most.

Second, take a trip over to to see these incredible LipAnimals.

Lastly, this video.  On YouTube it’s called Devils & Angels, but I would have titled it Weed-1, Church-0.

Silly Twitterbot

February 4, 2011

All the good bots know I use a Mac – duh…

Otherwise, it looks like you know me pretty well.  *rolls eyes*


Little Girl Nerd

February 3, 2011

Oh. My. God. She is doomed to geekdom for-EVAH.

I love her.


  • At 3:02 – EYE-RIN!
  • At 4:02 – Alumumumumun…Next card.
  • AT 5:41 – Einsteinium!
  • At 8:55 – Awk-xygen’s blue.

Did you notice that she’s wearing a girly pony T-shirt AND that she knows the periodic table better than you?

UPDATE: 2/4/11 – 12:30pm:

Go check out Howard at Le Cafe Witteveen.  He’s 2.5 yo and ALSO knows his periodic table better than I do. I think that Howard and Rose should get together in a couple of decades and make smert babies.

Snow Angel or Drunken Stumble?

February 3, 2011

Or both? It can sometimes be hard to pick out the nuances that help determine the species of patterned snow-dent with which you’re dealing. I think the fact that we found him outside of Cause Spirits and Soundbar in South Minneapolis is a big hint, though.

And look – someone bummed him a smoke!

We found him at the intersection of Lyndale and Lake – southeast corner.  Stop by and say hi – he’ll probably be there until spring!