CUP #28 – CUP #29 – The Last CUP???

Phew – you guys know your pentagonal bolts!

As Carly – and every single other player guessed – yesterday’s CUP was a fire hydrant!

Everyone gets an extra +10 points for sweeping me this time round.

CARLY gets 100 points for being the first one to answer correctly. She also gets +5 points for ujë. Congrats, Carly!

Vicki, Doug, Alan, Lance Finney, AnyEdge, Noelle, Ellie, Erin, Madeline, Michelle and Jude are awarded 25 points for some variant of “fire hydrant” or “fire hydrant bolt”. Lance gets an additional +10 points for making note of the pentagonal bolt, and Ellie gets +10 points for elaborating on why the pentagonal bolt is specific to fire hydrants.

Well done, everyone!

Top 10 Ranking Players

Jeremy has been knocked down to the #5 position by Noelle, but other than that the rankings have stayed the same over this past CUP. 

The big news of course, is Carly’s score of 970 points. The CUP Contest is OVER when the first player reaches 1000. Given that Carly is a mere 30 points away, pretty much the only ways for her not to win on this next CUP are

  1. For her to be beat out for first place AND she’ll have to give an incorrect or boringly similar correct answer (since I’ve been giving out 15-20 points for incorrect answers and 25-30 points for correct answers plus extra points for amusingness or accurately detailed answers)
  2. For her not play in today’s CUP.
  3. If I radically change the points assignment that I’ve created for this little universe MWAH HA HA! Pssst…it’s not going to be that last one.

So as far as I can see, if we want the CUP to last a few more rounds we’ve all got to do our part. I’ve got to pick a sufficiently challenging CUP for today, and you all have to beat Carly to the punch with the guessing. Either that or kidnap her or sabotage her internet connection. Pssst…don’t do those last ones. Those are naughty, and according to The Hubby, apparently illegal.

Okay Team Beat Carly – are you ready?*

Here’s CUP #29! Hvað er þetta?

*If you took the time to read all of that before trying to answer the CUP, Carly’s probably already beat you.


10 Responses to “CUP #28 – CUP #29 – The Last CUP???”

  1. Carly Says:

    sole of your Vibram Five Fingers shoe; specifically the toes

  2. Lance Finney Says:

    Soles of Skeletoes or a similar shoe

  3. Lance Finney Says:

    Durnnit Carly!!

  4. Jude Says:

    Underside of a trainer

  5. graysintheshade Says:

    Well, I’m just not going to bother. Congratulations Carly!

  6. Jeremy Says:

    Good luck figuring out what to force Biodork to write about.

  7. Vicki Says:

    I give…this was a fun contest…Congratulations Carly! And a huge thank you to Bri for putting this together and being so consistent with it! Loved it!

  8. Erin Says:

    your new vibram shoes!

  9. Erin Says:

    dang it Carly! But you totally deserve to win for consistently beating us all to the punch.

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