CUP #18 Answer and CUP #19

The winner of yesterday’s CUP is Lance Finney with his very speedy answer of Scissors!

Lance wins 100 points. Congratulations, Lance!

Here’s the rest of the points:

Erin gets 30 points for also guessing scissors.

Carly, Vicki, Jeremy, Judi, GroundlessPossibilities and Ellie all get 15 points for playing, but no points for their guesses.

Jude gets 20 points for making me have to google “The top of a Mr. Potato Head mask”.

And I’ve tabulated all of the results from the past two CUPs (not counting today’s points for scissors; I’ll put those in tonight). You can always visit the CUP Winners page for full rankings and all-time points. Below are our current Top 5 Ranking Players:

And now for CUP #19!

What are we looking at here?


13 Responses to “CUP #18 Answer and CUP #19”

  1. Carly Says:

    pepsi sign on abeverage cooler

  2. Vicki Says:

    pepsi logo

  3. Jeremy Says:

    A wet french flag.

    It’s the above answer. I just want to be a good sore loser.

  4. groundlesspossibilities Says:

    It’s definitely a pepsi logo. It’s a logo on some kind of waterproof surface. Beverage cooler does fit that description.

  5. graysintheshade Says:

    A sweating soda can?

  6. Ellie Says:

    I agree. definitely a Pepsi can.

  7. Michelle Says:

    It’s definitely a Pepsi beverage dispenser.

    I figured I had to get on the ball once I realized I’d dropped out of the top five. 😦

  8. Whitney Says:

    Pepsi Can

  9. Erin Says:

    Pepsi label, possibly a zoom on the cardboard of a 12 or 24 pack. I’m getting specific and calling shenanigans on only getting 30 points for yesterdays answer. Hmmph!

  10. biodork Says:

    Comments are closed. There will be a new CUP today, so I’ll see you in two-ish hours. Note: There will be NO CUP on Sunday. We’ll pick it up again on Monday.

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