Married People Conversations

The Hubby called me at work yesterday. It was a really busy afternoon and I was a bit stressed out.

Me: [briskly] Hey, what’s up?

Hubby:  I wanted to call to say hi, and to hear your voice.

Me:  Awww…are you having a hard day?

Hubby:  No. Actually I felt bad about last night.

Me:  [puzzled]: Why, what happened last night?

Hubby:  Well, I went to bed before you and I just realized today that I forgot to say good-night.

He says this in a completely straight tone and actually sounds apologetic. I’m stunned. I pull the phone away from my ear and look at it incredulously.

Me:  [In a somehow not-mocking tone]: That’s what you feel bad about?

Hubby:  Yeah. I should have given you a good night kiss, too.

Me:  Ahhh…[stupid grin spreading slowly across my face], well…that’s…[stupid schoolgirl giggle].

Hubby:  So, I’ll be home around 5:30 or six. Is it going to be another late night for you?

Me:  [still sporting the stupid grin, making it difficult to speak]: We’ll see how it goes.

Hubby:  Okay, see you sometime tonight then.

Me:  Okay. See you then.



2 Responses to “Married People Conversations”

  1. Erin B. Says:

    That is so sweet. So nice to see happy married people conversations; usually we all spend so much time telling them “stupid husband/wife” stories that are funny and keeping the sweet, sappy, loving ones to ourselves. Thanks for sharing that!

  2. Noelle Says:

    You two are ridiculously cute. I love the married people posts!

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