Back at it!

Author’s Note: Mom was here for two full weeks, and it was a blast! While she was here we did all sorts of fun things, and I also neglected a few things. Like dishes. And laundry. And my husband. And blogging. Mom left Minneapolis on Tuesday morning and is continuing her journey westward toward my sister’s hometown of Bellingham, WA. Yesterday evening I did dishes, vacuumed, cleaned the cat’s litterbox and took out the garbage. Tonight I get to blog, edit photos and Flickrize.


Okay, I wrote that last paragraph two hours ago. I’ve started two skepticism-based posts, and I’ve realized way too late in the game that both are going to require a little more research and brain power than I have left in the stores this evening. Rather than put out a shoddy article, I’m going to tip my hat to you fine readers and leave you with a couple of picture from the adventures of the past two weeks. I thought about captioning them, but after flipping through these gems a few times I decided that they were more fun without any context.

And yes, that is a dancing urine cup. Nighty-night!

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