Go Buy Tim Minchin Tickets!

Hey Twin Cities friends!

Did you know that TIM MINCHIN is going to be doing a rare live performance in Minneapolis on July 16th at the Pantages Theater???

Photo Source

Are you going? Do you already have tickets? I have tickets!

If you haven’t heard of Tim Minchin, hell’s bells, go YouTube him! He writes, plays piano and sings about rationality, sex, common sense, boobs, prejudice, sex, skepticism, boobs and religion…to name a few. Also boobs and sex. Oh, and he wrote the music and songs for a musical stage adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Matilda with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He’s a hell of a showman and comedian, and according to his website he has an enormous…sense of occasion. Yea, a man of many talents.

I’ve posted this before; it’s one of my favorite Tim Minchin songs:

I know, right? AWESOME! So get out of here – go buy tickets! They’re only $28 if you buy at the door, $40 to buy online (thanks for that kick in the ass, Ticketmaster).

If you’re in Portland, Seattle, Austin, Anaheim, San Fran, Atlanta, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. or Montreal, Tim Minchin is also coming your way in June or July. Check out his full calendar here.


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3 Responses to “Go Buy Tim Minchin Tickets!”

  1. TimFan Says:

    Whoo hoo…less that 24 hours ’til Timmy here in Portland. Yep, got my ticket early 🙂

    Sold-out show, and the first of the two Seattle shows are sold out…git cher tickets ASAP!

    C’mon folks, show Tim our love so he’ll come back soon here in the States!

  2. Nathan DST aka LucienBlack Says:

    Gaaaahhhh!!! I … can’t… afford . . . . them!!!!! *SOB*

  3. Jewel Says:

    Saw Tim Minchin tonight for the first time on Proms.
    Whoopees! He is the icing on the cake!
    Must chase his talents!

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