They Have Been Upgraded

Oh gosh…do want! You can get this design by Captain Ribman on a t-shirt over at riptapparel right now:

There are some haters over in the comments for this shirt though! Gee…pedantic, defensive scifi fanboys and girls? Well, I never! No really, I’d never be pedantic or defensive about something I feel strongly about. Really. Honest. *cough, pulls at collar* 

Seen on Twitter via healthyaddict

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3 Responses to “They Have Been Upgraded”

  1. Alan Says:

    Very cool!

    Cybermen and daleks are only scary because no one on that version of earth has a phaser. 😉 (To be fair, cybermen are creepy and tragic too…) Riker and Worf would sort them right out. 🙂

  2. Lynn Says:

    I’m sorry – but really – turning R2 into table top hockey?? Uffda!

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