CUP #15 Winner

The original CUP #15 submission was this:

Congratulations to NOELLE (graysintheshade) for another win with  her guess “a brick”

I thought this was a toughie, but apparently I haven’t looked at a lot of bricks up close! You guys absolutely TROUNCED me on this week’s CUP, so I’m going to give everyone who participated an extra 10 points.


Noelle gets 100 points for being the first to correctly guess.

Heidi, Vicki, Ellie, Erin and Madeline each get 25 points for also guessing bricks. I’m awarding Vicki an extra 20 POINTS for correctly guessing that these particular bricks are from the side of my apartment building. Well done!

Judi and Cate! get 10 points for participation but no points for their guesses.

And remember – everyone gets 10 additional points on top of their base score.

Well played, everyone! Here’s the updated rankings, but stop on by the CUP Winners page for detailed scoring and lame-o prize information. Also, next week’s CUP is going to have to be much, much trickier. Y’all are just too good at this!

Top 5 Ranking Players

There's been an upset: Vicki has booted Jeremy from his long-held first place ranking!


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