Married People Conversations

We’re doing the morning routine in our little apartment’s single bathroom. The Hubby is drying his hair and I’m styling mine. I grab a bottle of  mouse and spray a little in the palm of my hand. For some reason I decide to move my hand and the spraying can right next to the Hubby’s face. He doesn’t even flinch.

Me: You didn’t even flinch

Hubby: Nope, I didn’t did I?

Me: You’re just kind of resigned, huh? Either I was going to do it and you’d deal, or you guessed I probably wouldn’t spray it?

Hubby: It was the second one.

Me: Really? You don’t think I would have done it? After all these years?

Hubby: Well, I figured you wouldn’t put mousse in my eye.

Me: Yeah, but I totally would have sprayed your cheek or forehead or something.

Hubby: *considers* Yeah, you’d do that.

Me: But I think it’s sweet that you still trust me so much. It’s like you have a really bad memory.

Hubby: *completely deadpan* How do you think we stay married?


3 Responses to “Married People Conversations”

  1. graysintheshade Says:

    LOVE the MPCs!

  2. LucienBlack Says:

    Shared, because it had to be.

  3. Lynn sez Says:


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