May 21st End Times Bus

My friend Ben (@deisum on Twitter) snapped a picture of the May 21st End of Days preachers. Apparently they showed up in Minneapolis today, just as I was driving down to Chicago. How come I always miss when the circus comes to town?

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4 Responses to “May 21st End Times Bus”

  1. Frank Says:

    I am usually working when the circus is around.

  2. Alannah Murphy Says:

    But the bible says it’s true! *yawns*

  3. Hubby Says:

    I have seen two of their bill boards on highway 52 between St. Paul and Rosemount. I guess they have extra money because they won’t need it after May 21st.

  4. Mully410 Says:

    I haven’t see any buses yet but I’ve seen the billboards. If anyone out there knows of any local groups seriously planning for judgment day, please let me know. I know a reporter at the Pioneer Press who wants a story.

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