CUP #13 Winner

This was the image posted yesterday:

And the larger image is:

NOELLE is this week’s 100-point winner with her guess of “a slice of pink grapefruit”. Noelle has been a regular player, and this is her first win. Congratulations, Noelle!

Four of you correctly sided with grapefruit, so I award 25 points to Ellie, Carly and Vicki, as well as to Steve from the Facebook comments.  Ellie gets an extra +5 points for her amusing musings AND 15 points for being a new player. Welcome, Ellie!

Mully410 and Michelle get partial credit – 15 points – for guessing orange slices, which is pretty darn close to red grapefruit slices. This is Mully410’s first game, so I award an additional 15 welcome points to him, plus an additional +5 points for being the first to post in the comments.

Heidi and Erin B. get 10 points for participation, but no additional point for their shared incorrect guess of “salmon”. Heidi is also a new player – welcome, Heidi! You get +15 points.

And because this is CUP #13 and because we have a Friday the 13th this month, everyone gets an additional 15 points (I don’t want to do the math for 13).

That’s it for this CUP. Thanks for playing everyone! I’ll get the CUP Winners page updated ASAP.



One Response to “CUP #13 Winner”

  1. Noelle Says:

    I won? I won I won I won! How exciting!

    Thank you to all my adoring fans!

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