Cup #12 Winner

This was the photo shown in yesterday’s blog post:

And this is the larger image:

The most accurate answer to this CUP is “Acorn Squash”.

No one gets a full 100 points this week, but Carly was the first to guess “squash”. I awarded Carly 75 points and the prize of Closest To Being the CUP Winner This Time Around (that’s CTBTCWTTA, for those of you who are abbreviation-minded).

Jeremy (via Tina) gets 50 points for first guessing “Acorn Squash”, plus 5 points for making me gag while eating lunch by talking about Grandmothers, Legs and Tan Lines in the comments.

Noelle (graysintheshade), Vicki, Ben, JudeErin B. and Steve D. (Facebook entry) all get 20 points for guessing some sort of squash/gourd. Steve D. and Erin B. each get an extra 5 points for throwing their hats in the “acorn squash” ring.

Cate and Becca Leah get 10 points for participating, but no extra points for their incorrect guesses. Becca Leah gets an extra 10 points for joining us as a new player. Welcome Becca Leah!

That’s it this week, gang. I’ll update the CUP Winners page later tonight – a quick glance at the board shows that Jeremy is still in the lead, but he’s got a few contenders who are not far behind.  Like I said in my last announcement, I’m going to try to start posting these every week, so expect a new CUP fairly soon.  Thanks for playing, everyone. You make blogging even more fun than usual!


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