I will be posting the 12th Close Up Photo tomorrow at NOON CST. And this time I’ll have it set to auto-publish so it won’t be late. :p

Stop by the CUP Winners page for detailed information about rules, scoring, players and past contests. Here’s where we stand for current rankings:

Remember – the first one to 1000 points wins. On a related note, I’ve decided to step up the frequency of CUPs so that I don’t drag this contest into perpetuity. I have a goal of posting a new CUP at least once per week. Yeah, we’ll see how that goes :p


One Response to “New CUP Contest TOMORROW”

  1. graysintheshade Says:

    My S-I-L did a variation on the CUP contest at Easter for the older kids. She photographed close-ups and partials of things around the grandparent’s house and they had to find the actual items and the next clue. What a great idea that’s useful for so many things!

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