30DaysofBiking: Day 17

Where: South Minneapolis (~9 miles)
Why: Transportation – to and from the Riverview Theater to see The King’s Speech
When: Sunday April 17th
Weather: Sunny, clear 36F (2.2C)
Who: Me and the Hubby


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2 Responses to “30DaysofBiking: Day 17”

  1. breeze Says:

    When I was in Minneapolis, we got last minute $20 tickets at the Guthrie Theatre and the place across the street is a great restaurant. Sunny weather? hmmm what is that glowing orb in the sky that I saw briefly today?

    • biodork Says:

      Never fear – the spring is upon us and soon we shall be bathed in golden light from sunrise to set! <—poor dramatic language inspired by your mention of the Guthrie.

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