30DaysofBiking: Day 14

Where: Lynlake and Uptown Minneapolis (~1.6 miles)
Why: Transportation
When: Thursday April 14th, night
Weather: Cool, windy, 47F (8.3C)
Who: Me and the Hubby

Notes: The Hubby was already in his PJs when I got home at 10pm this evening (he actually didn’t change for the ride, as you can see below). It was windy and cold, I was pretty tired and didn’t really want to go riding. Tonight we needed motivation to get our butts on the bikes. That motivation took the form of McFlurries in Uptown.


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One Response to “30DaysofBiking: Day 14”

  1. Jana Says:

    Riding a bike to go get McFlurries right before bedtime already in PJ’s is exactly why, how and when bikes should be ridden. I can’t believe we drove to get ours the other night!

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