30DaysofBiking: Day 6

Where: Lynlake Neighborhood and Midtown Greenway ~4.5 miles total
Why: Solo Local: Bike Shop (a 30daysofbiking event) and Transportation – Dinner at Goba Cafe
When: Wednesday April 6th, evening
Weather: Cool, Clear 55F (12.7C)
Who: Me and the Hubby

Today’s 30daysofbiking.com “assignment” was to visit a local bike shop.  The Hubby and I visited the Midtown FreeWheel Bike Shop, located directly on the Greenway by the Midtown Global Market. The nice guy in this picture let us ask all sorts of stupid bike accessory questions AND agreed to be in a photo with me for 30 Days of Biking. What a sport!

While we were at FreeWheel we picked up a new bike lock for the Hubby, new gloves for me (After six years I’ve finally worn mine to bits of thread), front and rear lights for both of us, an ankle band for the Hubby and a helmet rear-view mirror for me. Phew!


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4 Responses to “30DaysofBiking: Day 6”

  1. Alannah Murphy Says:

    Long time ago, in another galaxy…I used to cycle. I even cycled form London to Paris for charity (took 4 days) and it was a great experience. Sadly, I no longer own a bike and it’s a bit hilly around my neighbourhood and not only that but full of traffic and I don’t fancy having a HUGE double decker bus go by me, I’d drop dead of fright…so I walk instead.

    Good for you for doing this, I need to lose excess weight put on in Winter as well…gah

    • biodork Says:

      Your charity ride sounds intense! Are you still moving away from London to the more rural city (I can’t remember the name of your new place)? Maybe you’ll pick up a bike again then 🙂

      Oy* – and at $3.79/gallon of gasoline, riding the bike for transporatation makes a lot of financial sense, too. What are you all paying in London?

      *Look, I’m speaking British!

  2. Doug Says:

    I attempted to buy an ankle band yesterday, but my local bike shop was out of stock! Oh well, I guess that tells me what one of my rides next week will be.

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