O hai, winter fat!

Spring is here and it’s time to melt off some of the winter padding that has accumulated on my butt like so many inches of packed snow. In March I started doing Couch to 5K, an interval running program designed for those of us who haven’t run in a while. My next run is today – Week 2, Day 2, and I’m using Bluefin’s C25Kapp for Android to track my progress and to help with the runs (the timer is automatically set to ding at the changing run/walk cycles designed by C25K).

And yesterday marked Day 1 of 30 Days of Biking, a web and twitter-organized event comprised of over 1500 people who have pledged to ride our bikes every single day in April. It doesn’t matter where or when or for how long you ride, as long as you get your butt in the saddle once per day. The organizers of 30 Days of Biking have social events planned every now and then throughout the month. Last week I went to a 30 Days of Biking Happy Hour, and the Hubby and I joined in on yesterday’s kick-off ride. Here on Biodork I’m going to do a very brief post every day with a picture from my daily ride and a brief sentence or two about where and why I rode. Here’s my Day 1 photo:

The kick-off ride for 30 Days of Biking met 6pm at Gold Medal Park next to the Guthrie Theater. The park’s most well-known feature is a hill with a spiraling sidewalk that leads to the top, from which you get a scenic look at the river and the StoneArch Bridge and the Minneapolis skyline.

Yay spring! I love me some sunshine and fresh air, and I’m super excited about being able to walk and ride to places again. I’m looking forward to starting my guerilla apartment garden, the the opening of the ValiHi drive-in movie theater, ValleyFair (I’ve got my 2011 season pass!) and the downtown Minneapolis Farmer’s Market.

So, spill the beans – what are you looking forward to doing this spring?


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10 Responses to “O hai, winter fat!”

  1. graysintheshade Says:

    I’m looking forward to getting back to lake walks with my dog! Harriet, here we come! Oh, and hanging on our roof deck.

  2. Alannah Murphy Says:

    I’m hiding….too much sun…it BURNS *hisses*

  3. L Says:

    Gardening! I can’t wait to get some plants in the ground. I’m doing seedlings this year for the first time (started everything from seeds in years past).

  4. breeze Says:

    Ah yes, I loved the Guthrie when I was in MN. Good $20 ticks on standby. I have been spinning, yoga, body pump, pilates (indoors) for several months now and have gone from size 12 to size 8. Funny thing is, today I took a 3 mile walk around Greenlake and it’s a whole other thing that my body hasn’t done…. in spite of all my exercise and good health, I was sore!

    • biodork Says:

      Regarding using our bodies in new ways: Isn’t that something? The other day the Hubby and I were bike riding, and even though his job requires a lot of muscle strength, he hasn’t been keeping up with the cardio, so our pretty short ride took the wind out of him! Oy, and the butt bones/muscles were sore the next day after our first real ride of the season.

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