Married People Conversations 3

We have a two-bedroom apartment and long ago I ceded the second room to the Hubby for use as a workshop, computer room, closet. I take up most of the shared living room space with overflowing bookshelves, so it was a fair trade. But I never tire of reminding him of how nice and generous it was of me to give up the second bedroom for his sole use.

Hubby: The cable guy liked my man den. He said “Nice room, man.”

Me: And did you tell him why you have a man den?

Sensing a trick question, the Hubby pauses to consider his next move.

Hubby: I said “I told the wife ‘Yo, woman. Imma need some of my own space to do my own thing. Got it?’”

Me: That’s not what you said.

Hubby: And then I elbowed him in the side and winked and said, “Because women, they get, like, the whole kitchen to themselves, you know what I’m sayin’?”

Me: Go do the laundry.

Hubby: ‘Kay.



5 Responses to “Married People Conversations 3”

  1. paula Says:

    Srsly? U 2 crack me up.

  2. graysintheshade Says:

    You guys are the cutest…

  3. Lynn Says:

    I think he should do my laundry too! 😉

  4. Jana Says:


  5. Su Says:

    Hahahaha!! Love it! 🙂

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