Weekend Photo Fun

I had some fun with my new camera this weekend. I took lots and lots and lots of photos, and then proceeded to erase lots and lots and lots of photos. I learned that my camera currently knows a hell of a lot more than I do, but I reckon to be fixin that right quick.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the weekend:

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I’m going to try Flickr out for sharing some of my photos. I’ve set up a Flickr widget in the Biodork blog sidebar to the right.  It will take you to my album if you want to see some of the wacky times I’m having. This will also provide an outlet for me to post my photos without driving you all batty.


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4 Responses to “Weekend Photo Fun”

  1. Dan Milian Says:

    I like the pic of the blue drink… Was it actually blue, or was it just lighting?

  2. Jana Says:

    The eagle, the FISH, THE ROSES!!!!! The snow… oh, the snow… oh… how pretty is all (when you have a nice new camera….)

  3. breeze Says:

    I like the snowy fence. Reminds me of New England

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