First Photo

I dedicate my very first photo with the Nikon D3100 to Jana, my camera commiserating blog buddy. She takes magnificent photos as part of her blog Transatlantic Panorama and inspires me to see the world’s beauty in new ways.

After the camera was set up and the battery finally charged, my cat was the closest photo op I saw. I think she’s saying, “You have a nice camera now. Don’t disappoint Jana with a crappy picture.” Either that or, “Don’t think that I don’t know that you shorted me on wet food at dinner.”



4 Responses to “First Photo”

  1. Ben Says:

    I think she’s saying, ‘Finally, a camera worthy of capturing My photo.’

  2. Paula Says:

    An imposing self-assured cat – oh wait redundant much.

  3. breeze Says:

    You’re nobody until you’ve been ignored by a cat!

  4. Jana Says:

    Aaaaw! Well, thank you! That’s the first time anything was EVER dedicated to me. I feel so special and happy that if I smiled a tad more, the smile would go all around my head causing the top of my noggin’ to tumble off.

    And the photo is brilliant! Whatever the cat is thinking, the point is – we can totally tell she is thinking, most likely something evil. Well done, B: storytelling in pictures. Impossible not to love.

    (And don’t think I’m done banging my head against the screen in envy of your new camera – that fit won’t be over any time soon.)

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