Thursday Fog in the Twin Cities

Yesterday was foggy and warm(ish). When I left home at 7:45am it was actually drizzling lightly instead of snowing! The fog was very thick, especially in Chaska where I work.  Sure it was gray, dreary and overcast, but it had its own beauty.

Garbage Day in South Minneapolis

The Morning Commute

The road to work is shrouded in fog.

Fog behind me, too.

Can I call in lost for work if I can’t find the building?

Trees in the fog. Bonus: Photo-bombing coworker.

They were beautiful, these automobiles in the mist.


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5 Responses to “Thursday Fog in the Twin Cities”

  1. Paula Says:

    Ah hem….I will be seeing you in 3 weeks missy, do not get yourself in an accident because you’re take pictures while driving. That said, they are really nice shots.

  2. biodork Says:

    Of the three photos taken from inside the car, two were lucky captures at a stop sign and in stopped traffic and one was taken while the car was in park. PS, black kettle, I remember you reading magazines in the driver’s seat when we’d get stuck on the Dan Ryan during rush hour.

  3. breeze1950 Says:

    So this was with the old camera, right?

  4. Carly Says:

    I was just going to chide you for taking pics while driving but I see that’s already been taken care of! So instead I’ll take the other side and say, cool pics!

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