Married People Conversations

Hubby: [in an accusing tone] Hey! Who used the last of the toilet paper and didn’t replace the roll?

There are only two of us in the house.  We both know it was me.

Me: It was the dog.

Hubby: The dog?

Me: Yup. Saw him do it.

Hubby: Oh yeah?

Me: Yeah, he was all like I need some toilet paper. Rawr!

Hubby: Well, that’s pretty amazing that he’s using toilet paper.

Me: Yup.

And the morning goes on. I’ve noticed that most of our married people conversations are boring, weird and not really all that funny. Except to us. We think we’re hilarious.


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4 Responses to “Married People Conversations”

  1. Paula Says:

    I think its hilarious too.

  2. Erratapage Says:

    Hey… better than our conversation about this same topic!

    Me: (fuming because I didn’t check before sitting down) ToooooOm! (and I sound like my mother which I hate)
    Tom: Yes?
    Me: I need TP ASAP!
    Tom: What?
    Me: (repeats request)
    Tom: What?
    Me: (grabs kleenex instead) Never mind….

  3. Paul Wynn Says:

    That’s cute! Who said marriage was boring huh?

  4. Madeline Says:

    Our random conversations start with Alex saying things like, “Hey! I think I just figured out how Scrooge McDuck made all his money!”

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