CUP #10 Winner

If I may borrow a meme: You all got pwned by a noob!

Yesterday’s CUP #10:

Everyone welcome Rick from Facebook to the Close Up Photo Contest. RICK correctly (and cockily) guessed “That’s an easy one. Its the cover on a flourescent light.”

Here’s a pulled back photo of the same light. There is a total of  four bulbs inside.  The dark line down the middle of the photo is the shadow between the two sets of two bulbs.

When viewed from further away, these lights look very similar to the lights in this office:

Rick submitted his answer on Facebook sometime between 9am-10am yesterday morning, which is about two hours AFTER I posted the image, which makes this the longest surviving CUP photo in the history of the contest!

Woot!  Go me!

Ahem…and all of you and your excellent guesses.

Speaking of…BONUS POINTS:

Everyone who played gets +10 points because I loved stumping you all.

Steve from Facebook, and Vicki and Cate! from the blog comments all get +25 points for correctly guessing that the image was a fluorescent light fixture/cover. Steve and Cate get +5 points for being new players – welcome!

Carly gets +10 points for participation, +5 points for a highly entertaining but incorrect answer.

Hell, Carly gets another +5 points for inspiring me to make the homer donut image.

Michelle gets +10 points for participation, +5 points for detailing her thought process. Amusing, but wrong!

Jeremy gets +10 points for participation, +5 points for setting his alarm clock and getting up early to check out the contest. I’m still a little awed. Make it another +5 points for effort.

Ben gets +10 points for participating, +5 points for being cute with his clue-giving.

JanaErin B. and Noelle all get +10 points for participation without a correct answer.

That’s it for this round.  The new rankings are up on the CUP Winners page.  Thanks for playing!



3 Responses to “CUP #10 Winner”

  1. Noelle Says:

    I should lose points. I thought I knew exactly which one of Aaron’s shirts it was but upon further thought, the shirt I’m thinking of belongs to someone else…

  2. Jeremy Says:

    And I’ll set my alarm again if you schedule your post like this again!

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