CUP #9 Winner

We have a new first-time winner for CUP #9!

The original photo was this:

Congratulations to MICHELLE for her guess “the bottom of a water bottle”.  Michelle is awarded 100 internet points.

I actually had a lot of fun setting this photo up.  The bottle is sitting on a manila envelope and I’m working with overhead fluorescent lighting (blech).  I had to place the lens of the camera directly over the bottle’s opening; I’m peering down the inside of the  bottle from the neck.  I found that I had to fill the bottle *all the way to the top* with water because

  1. The empty bottle showed droplets of water on the plastic’s surface, immediately (IMHO) giving it away.  A filled bottle showed a smooth surface.
  2. If I didn’t fill the bottle to the top, small vibrations through the floor or desk from me moving, or from trying to set the camera above the bottle would ripple across the wider diameter of the middle of the bottle, making a shot impossible.  Ripples were much smaller in the relatively smaller neck of the bottle.

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Okay, okay – what we really care about is points, so let’s get to it!

As a Welcome Back and Happy New Year, I award ALL PLAYERS 25 points for participating in the first CUP Contest of 2011!

Carly wins the Almost An Answer prize this week with her comment “I was going to say a really funky glass pendant/piece of jewelry, but Michelle’s answer makes so much more sense!” I’m guessing Carly meant that she was siding with Michelle’s answer, but if it *had* been jewelry, she would have also been right, so for not fully committing to the correct answer I give Carly 20 points rather than a full 25 (total 45 points).

Jana’s long and winding route to her guess – while ultimately amusing as hell – ended up being fairly noncommittal. Her final answer “bottom of some vessel” is technically correct, but – as she pointed out – quite vague. I award her 10 points (total 35 points).

Leogirl1975 and Erin B. are in the same realm of almost-rightness – it is the bottom of a container, but not the types they stated, so 10 points each.  Leogirl1975, I award you an extra +5 points for being a new player.  Welcome to the CUP Contest! (Totals: Leogirl1975 – 40 points, Erin B. – 35 points)

Noelle receives 25 points for the correct answer, and no deductions for incorrectly guessing that the bottle was pressed against someone’s hand (total 50 points).

I LOVED Vicki’s thinking (an ice cast of the bottom of a bottle) , but her guess was ultimately incorrect, so I grant her 10 points for playing, plus +5 points for creativity (total 40 points).

Jeremy receives 25 points for the correct answer +5 points for silliness.  Ninja star – indeed, sir! (total 55 points)

Dan Milian receives 25 points for the correct answer +5 points for his creative definition of “glass flower” (total 55 points).

Thanks for playing, everyone!  Stop by the CUP Winners page for the current rankings, as well as past contests, winners and a description of the lame prize that I have chosen for the first player to reach 1000 points!


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