CUP Contest #9

Oh-ho!  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

But I haven’t forgotten that we’re right in the middle of a Close Up Photo contest here at Biodork!

I present to you – the 9th CUP!  Tell me what we’re looking at here!

All guesses submitted via the comments or by Facebook will be accepted.  The first person to guess correctly wins 100 internet points.  I will award or deduct points for additional guesses based on a completely arbitrary and whimsical set of rules known only to myself.

The first person to win 1000 points will be the grand winner of the CUP Contest, and the recipient of Uber-CUP Winner bragging rights and a pretty lame-o prize.  The list of past winners and current rankings can be found on the CUP Winners page.  As a reminder, here’s where we currently stand:

It’s never too late to get in the game – a few correct answers could serve to catapult a new player right to the top of the list!

Happy guessing, and thanks for playing.



10 Responses to “CUP Contest #9”

  1. Michelle Says:

    The bottom of a water bottle!

  2. Carly Says:

    I was going to say a really funky glass pendant/piece of jewelry, but Michelle’s answer makes so much more sense!

  3. leogirl1975 Says:

    The bottom of a glass vase!

  4. Jana Says:

    It’s definitely a bottom of something – my initial guess was a [Starbucks] plastic cup. Since they don’t necessarily have such regular grooves, however, a plastic bottle sounds more probable. Even though I’m not so sure about the plastic. It looks more shiny, glass-y. In other words, I have no idea. I’m sticking with my vague “bottom of some vessel.”

  5. Noelle Says:

    The bottom of a plastic water bottle pressed against the palm of a hand.

  6. Erin B. Says:

    Bottom of a glass pitcher

  7. Jeremy Says:

    A ninja throwing star immersed in water.

    Boo ya! The prize is mine!

  8. Vicki Says:

    I think it’s an ice impression of the bottom of a bottle, once the ice comes out of the bottle (if that makes sense). Like a reverse relief….no, wait, that would just be a relief, right? Ugh. It’s ice in the shape of a bottle.

  9. Jeremy Says:

    Definitely the bottom of a water or pop bottle. Maybe even a two liter bottle.

  10. Dan Milian Says:

    I would say it was a glass flower. But only if glass flower means the bottom of a plastic bottle. I know, I’m late…

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