My Very Own Mail!

I’ve seen some bloggers use the blog title “I get mail” when they receive particularly noteworthy mail – usually when the message is on the snarky, aggressive or incredibly inane side of things.

Biodork has relatively tiny readership, I address a wide range of topics, and when I do write about a controversial issue, I try to avoid name-calling or other fallacious arguments, so I think I rate relatively low on the dickhead scale. Thus, I haven’t incited much mail from commenters who want to save my soul or chew me out for my garden variety hippie liberal left-wing leanings.

But I received something this morning, which I might be so bold as to call “better” than an e-rant: A handwritten note underneath my windshield wipers in response to my “Defend Reproductive Freedom” and “Keep Abortion Legal” bumper stickers!

Sorry to Meddle, But isn’t it hyprocritical to be for abortion when you yourself are alive? What if u were the one that was aborted. What about adoption. America want to save the whales, but abort the babies. Very sad. [sic]

I’m oddly touched by this note. I mean, it’s hand-written and it’s local – maybe from one of my neighbors who I see in my apartment complex or around town. It’s not an auto-generated response from some group halfway across the country that found me via a bot which was attracted to a blog post tag. I like to think that the person who left this note was walking home from somewhere, and that upon seeing my bumper sticker was so moved that they dug out some scratch paper and penned this letter on the spot so that they might inquire further about my personal beliefs on abortion, thus opening dialogue and prompting thought-provoking debate on the issue.

Okay, I’m getting flippant. But there is something human and non-rabid about this note that appeals to me, so tonight I’m going to leave a hand-written response under my windshield wipers. And who knows, maybe they’ll find it. At the very least it should garner some sympathy (or laughs) because it’ll look like I got a parking violation ticket.


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3 Responses to “My Very Own Mail!”

  1. Jana Says:

    Huh. That kind of leaves you speechless, whichever point of view you might take, doesn’t it?

    For the fear of enticing heated conversations I have been successfully avoiding since my teens, topics such as religion, politics, or any human right people might have or dream about are not something I take outside of my living room. I know better. I’m not an argumentative kind, and people see that as a weakness. It gives them a false hope that they could save me, change me, turn me around. It never happens, and everyone ends up disappointed.

    So even commenting here is kind of against my convictions. Yet, in a strange way your post and the little handwritten note can’t not have an impact on my afternoon. ‘Cause really, how often does this happen?

    • biodork Says:

      Thanks for your thoughts, Jana. I think that yours is a very common approach to controversial topics. My husband is exactly the same way. I sometimes forget that he has very definite and educated opinions about some things that he rarely discusses, and when he does let loose I am always impressed.

  2. leogirl1975 Says:

    I have to agree with Jana. No matter what your point of view is on this, it really does kind of stop you for a minute.

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