International Talk Like HAL Day 2011

If you’ve seen any of the Space Odyssey films, then you know who HAL is.


It’s okay!  It’s okay! It’s just a picture.  HAL is NOT inside your computer*

At this very silly and fun website HAL will tell you all about the 9000 series of computer, why January 12th is International Talk Like HAL Day, and he’ll explain his mission. HAL has thoughtfully included some .wav files so that you can practice emulating him in preparation of a big day of talking like HAL.

Thanks to @briandgregory for the heads up about Talk Like HAL Day.


*HAL actually IS your computer.  Mwahahaha!


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One Response to “International Talk Like HAL Day 2011”

  1. Alannah Murphy Says:

    Oh lol, I nicknamed my laptop HAL ages ago, so this amused 🙂

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