#Filibernie Word Cloud

As you all know by now, Senator Bernie Sanders gave a +8 hour speech (technically not a filibuster) last Friday to protest the President Obama/Republican tax cut deal, which would extend Bush-era tax cuts for all Americans.  I’m not overly familiar with the tax cut proposal, but I do know that it would include tax cuts for upper earning Americans – to the tune of almost $700 billion dollars – which is something that the Democrats are firmly against.  Allowing an extension for tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans is a compromise that would gain benefits for lower income-earning Americans and set up a deal in which Republicans would agree to renew unemployment benefits for another 13 months (something they’re pretty set against).

Sen. Sanders spoke for eight hours and 37 minutes on Friday. Googling “Highlights of Sander’s Filibuster” or related will get you several video cuts of the highlights of his speech.  I also like this word cloud, which was sent out by @senatorsanders twitter yesterday evening:


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