CUP #7 Winner

Ha – it wasn’t a headlight, it was a boob!

Okay, it wasn’t a boob.  It was a headlight.  An *actual* headlight.

Original photo challenge:

And the answer is:

You guys suck.

I mean, because you’re way more smarter than I and my coworkers is.

I thought that this was a hard one, but I had the new contest up for less than five minutes before three people had identified this week’s CUP.  *fake pout*.  I asked three coworkers and the Hubby to try and identify the CUP and everyone said either “inside of an oven” or “flashlight bulb”.

I need a new test audience.

But never mind that…I shall defeat you all in the next roundMWAHAHAHA!


This week’s CUP contest winner is JEREMY!  Congratulations on winning 100 internet points and your THIRD round of CUP Contests.

Jeremy only very narrowly beat Michelle and Carly – by two and four minutes, respectively.  I award 20 points each to Michelle and Carly for correct answers, plus 5 extra points each for being very quick on the draw.

Vicki is awarded 20 points for daring to try a different – but wrong – answer, plus 5 extra points for involving her coworker in the guessing games.  Vicki gets no extra point’s for her coworker’s correct answer.

J.Mark gets 20 points for pandering to my love of irreverence with his silly and incorrect answer.

Erin gets 20 points for a correct answer.

From Facebook:

Mieux gets 20 points for a correct answer.

Bill W. gets 20 points for a correct answer, plus 5 points for manning up to the fact that he couldn’t name the make, model or year of the vehicle in question.

And that wraps up this week’s CUP Contest #7.  Thanks for playing, and stop by the CUP Winners page for the current rankings, as well as past contests and winners and a description of the lame prize that I have chosen for the first player to reach 1000 points!  (Ideas for future prizes are most welcome).



2 Responses to “CUP #7 Winner”

  1. Noelle Says:

    I have to pay closer attention. I missed this one!

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