Cross-Country Connections: Bird(s)

Cross-Country Connections is a new biodork weekly blog entry. Contributors are me, my sister and my Mom.  Every week we choose a theme and we all take a picture of something in our area that fits the theme.  This week’s theme is Bird(s).

From Brianne in Minneapolis, Minnesota

On Sunday I ran across a large group of seagulls hanging out in the parking lot of the Eden Prairie Mall.  This was the morning after we received 8 inches of snow and the sky was still heavy and overcast.

From Mom in Carbondale, Ilinois

In honor of Veterans Day I submit the following.  The Carbondale National Guard Armory is an excellent example of Art Deco work done by WPA artists.  Built in 1937 concrete eagles standing 6 feet high guard the entrance into the fortress like building.

From Erin in Bellingham, Washington

This is an original artwork by Kevin Veara, a wedding gift from him and the only real art my husband and I own.  From Kevin’s website, “His array of avian life, native and migratory, are often pictured as encircled by menacingly sharp-leaved plants that remind us of human complicity in climate change, habitat fragmentation, invasive species, and genetic modification.”



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