Hiking Cottage Grove Ravine Park

I bought this book called Best Hikes of the Twin Cities by Kate Havelin.  It has a list of 31 parks in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Greater Metro Area.

Each park profile lists the park’s location, directions for how to get there, an overview/history of the park, recommended trails, types of terrain, facilities, costs and contacts.  The author breaks the parks down into several groups:


  • Kate’s Top 10
  • Night Hikes
  • Hilly Hikes
  • Easy Hikes
  • Birding Hikes
  • Wildflower Hikes
  • Winter Hikes
  • River Hikes
  • Bike Trails

The only thing that I don’t like about the book’s layout are the maps of the park trails.  They’re not very detailed, and the only information that most of the maps provide is the general shape of the “featured” trail.  Accessory/alternate trails aren’t shown and the landmarks are kind of iffy, especially for forested areas.  I’ve tried to use the maps as trail guides a few times and have ended up off the path and unable to make my way back to the “main” route.

But I do like the book for finding and trying out new parks.  Last week we decided that we wanted to take a hilly hike that wasn’t too far away, and using the guide we ended up at Cottage Grove Ravine Park in Cottage Grove Minnesota.  The park in all of it’s autumn splendor and the hills weren’t crazy steep or abundant.  There area was lush, the paths were well-tended, and the lake was very pretty.  There weren’t a lot of people taking advantage of the park, so we felt like we had the entire place to ourselves.

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6 Responses to “Hiking Cottage Grove Ravine Park”

  1. jana Says:

    I’m sure the park looks very different this morning – did you really get 7 inches of snow?

  2. jana Says:

    I am sorry for any confusion – but yes, there was a definite excitement in my voice as I was writing it. Imagine the situation:

    I wake up, shuffle my way to the living room, turn the TV on for company, and instinctively reach for my laptop. Check my nonexistent emails, and see your post. Enjoy looking at your photos as whatever-the-guys’-name is who does weather on GMA mentions Minnesota anf how folks there got 7 inches of snow. I am excited! Nay, beside myself. It’s been years since I saw more than a few flakes! Thoughtlessly I write a bizarre comment that only makes sense to me. And then I take days to clarify it. Yep. That sums it up.

    But just as I loved hearing it snowed “just behind the corner,” I loved seeing the pictures and reading the most amusing statements from your post Twin Cities: First Snowfall 2010. I hope I curbed my enthusiasm a little better this morning and my comment makes a bit more sense 🙂

    • biodork Says:

      Ack! Sorry it took so long to get back to you, Jana! I saw your comment and made a mental note to come back to it later. I apparently filed that mental note in the mental circular file.

      I love that you’re excited, even if it’s about something for which I’m not excited. 🙂 There’s a lyric from Marian Call’s “Nerd Anthem” that goes like this:

      “All cool kids keep enthusiasm rationed,
      right down to the last explosive ounce.
      But I’d rather indulge my many passions,
      even if my squaritude’s a little too pronounced.”

      and later

      “The world is much to entertaining to entertain ennui,
      and I won’t ever play it cool so I won’t ever once be bored.”

      So be excited about that snow! And as always, thanks for stopping by – that makes *me* excited!

  3. Winter Fun in Will County Forest Preserves « Working Well Resources' Blog Says:

    […] Hiking Cottage Grove Ravine Park (biodork.wordpress.com) […]

  4. Kristian Rickson Says:

    Hola, Reading your website is a real pleasure, thanks !

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