Cross-Country Connections: Changing Season

Cross-Country Connections is a new biodork weekly blog entry.  Contributors are me, my sister and my Mom.  Every week we choose a theme and we all take a picture of something in our area that fits the theme.  This week’s theme is Changing Season.

From Erin, in Bellingham, Washington:

The summer, while not dry here in Washington, doesn’t really come alive with all of nature’s weirdness until it gets done right sloppy wet, like in the fall.  My contribution is the mushrooms that tend to grow everywhere.  This little guy was towering at 4-5″ in one of the islands in the grocery parking lot.

From me in Minneapolis, MN

One day the leaves dropped.

From Mom in Carbondale, IL:

Seeing the river through the trees.

Cross-Country Connections was originally inspired by Transatlantic Panorama and Happy Snappy.



2 Responses to “Cross-Country Connections: Changing Season”

  1. Paula Says:

    I didn’t realize we were supposed supply commentary. This was taken along the Ohio River. The property is owned by a Catholic convent which runs a retreat. All along this part of the Ohio is beautiful any time of year.

    • biodork Says:

      You’re not “supposed” to do anything, but since Erin and I both had one, I just added a short caption to your photo so it didn’t feel left out 🙂

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