CUP Contest #5 Winner

This was CUP #5:

VICKI is the WINNER, with her guess “the door to a locker”.

The color looks a little different when I back up, but that’s just the crappy fluorescent lighting in the women’s locker room.

Additional answers provided on Facebook and in the blog comments section: A clean potty, a stack of plates, coils on a snake statue, vents of various types (microwave, heating vent, side of a grills, back of a computer), and an R2 unit.

Additional points awarded:

Mieux gets 20 points for multiple incorrect guesses on facebook, +5 points for creative guesses (side of a snake statue???) for a total of 25 points. Welcome to the game, Mieux!

Ben, Noelle, Erin (hollamis), Dan M., Dave F., Jennifer M. get +20 points for each putting in one guess, but ultimately not the correct guesses.  Welcome to new players, Ben, Dan M. and Dave F.!

Jeremy gets 20 points for multiple incorrect guesses +5 points for creative guesses for a total of 25 points.  I really wish it had been my R2 unit, Jeremy.

Congrats to all, and thanks for playing!

The new points totals and leaders have been updated on the CUP Winners page.



5 Responses to “CUP Contest #5 Winner”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Well, poop. I was under the impression that it was all home goods, and stayed away from guessing locker.

    I see how it is. Next time, no holds barred. We’re playing street rules.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    PS. Thanks for the points. I love points!

  3. holamiis Says:

    Alrighty, where in your house do you have a locker? Although it looks like Jeremy already said it…. are these not all items found in your home? Cause if your opening this up to the ENTIRE universe, well my answers are gonna get a lot more interesting.

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