Cup #3 Winner

And the CUP #3 Winner is JEN!

Jen wins 100 internet points for being the first one to guess “Bottom of an iPhone”.

It’s actually my iPod Touch, but since the two are identical I was willing to accept either.

Other points:

I award Michelle 25 points for correctly guessing  “Bottom of an iPod touch“.

Jeremy LOSES 5 points for impugning my honor with his comment: the image looks color altered and stretched. Even at an angle, the circular home button shouldn’t be oblong.  It’s creative cropping, lighting and camera angle, bee-yotch!  Okay, maybe the photo is a little fuzzy, but that’s just because my camera was being stupid and I had had too much coffee that morning.

But I am a kind and gentle game runner, so I also AWARD Jeremy 15 points for thinking outside of the box and realizing that human beings suck and that I might have done something sneaky like photoshopping unrealistic effects into the photo.  And I’ll throw in 5 points for the right answer and 5 points for being a returning player.  So that’s….20 net points.

I award Vicki 5 points for being a returning player and 5 points for a creative answer, and 5 points for pointing out the shadowing, but she gets no points for the wrong answer.  So I award Vicki a net gain of 15 points.

Thanks for playing, everyone, and keep your eyes open for the next CUP Contest!




3 Responses to “Cup #3 Winner”

  1. Jeremy Says:


    You’re awesome, biodork. You’re right, in context, I feel like a schmuck.

    Thank you for your beautiful, non-religion inspired forgiveness, mild punishment and impunity.

  2. Vicki Says:

    I love my 15 points! but there is photo-shopping allowed? Of course, it’s your game and all….

    thanks for the challenge! can’t wait for the next one!

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