Secret Powers of Time

Last night I was reintroduced to the name of Professor Philip Zimbardo.  I remember discussing his Stanford Prison Experiment in college, but I couldn’t have told you that he was the one involved with it.

I saw this video of one of his lectures yesterday.  It was remarkably engaging!  The lecture is fast-paced – he jumps from topic to topic, and along the way manages to hit on differences in world and regional cultures, teaching theory, business, multi-tasking, family values, and many more.  The visuals are unique and kept me rooted to my seat.  After it was over, I couldn’t believe that I had been watching this video for 10 minutes.

A cursory google search tells me that Dr. Philip Zimbardo has only worked on about a gazillion and a half projects, including a couple dozen books and articles.  A youtube search for “Philip Zimbardo” brings up 237 videos about the man.  So I know what I’ll be doing tonight!*

Thanks to Aaron M. for posting the Secret Powers of Time video on Facebook.

*Well, tomorrow night, maybe.  Tonight I’m going to see Michael Shermer at the University of Minnesota!


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