Backpack across Asia! Pack your kayak and jet ski.

Let’s go on a road trip from Tokyo to New York!  And we don’t need no stinkin’ airplanes, either.  Just plug that junk into Google Maps and off we go!

Okay, looks easy enough.

Hmmm…number 21 says we’re gonna need a kayak…

Well, maybe we’ll have to skip for now New York.  Let’s try a shorter trip.  Maybe Japan to China?

There!  That’s better.

A jetski?  Rly?  How the hell do you fit that in a backpack?

Thanks to M. for showing me the neat Google Maps humor.  It really works; ask Google Maps for these starting points and destinations, they direct you to kayak across the Pacific Ocean.  I think that beats the bad rap GPS units get for telling drivers to steer into marshes.



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One Response to “Backpack across Asia! Pack your kayak and jet ski.”

  1. jana Says:

    I swear I didn’t believe you until I tried it myself: and then I got a result that told me to take a ferry. I though “Yeah, jet ski, right.” I still got a giggle out of it, though.
    And then, couldn’t let it go and decided to try one more time. That’s when I noticed an alternate route. Yep, the one with jet skiing. HI-larious!

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