Oh look – it’s Health Reform!

The Health Reform bill’s birthday would be March 23, 2010, which is the day President Obama signed it into law. But today does mark a major milestone of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

Today on September 23, 2010 the American people can say hello to new rules for playing the game of health insurance coverage, and the new rules are definitely in our favor. 15 new provisions of the PPACA go into effect TODAY. 

This is a lovely video that explains the challenges of the old health care system, all of the things that went into effect immediately after President Obama signed the PPACA this past March, all of the changes that happen today (Phase I), and it provides an overview of the changes that are slated to go into place in 2014 when Phase II is rolled out. 

It’s worth nine minutes of your time to see all of the wonderful advances in health insurance that have been earned for the American people.  And while it is a cartoon, I believe that this video simplifies the subject without dumbing it down.

There is also an easy to navigate White House website devoted to health reform, which I enjoyed browsing last night.  There is a section containing personal stories of people who are benefitting right now from changes made to health insurance and medical coverage.  There is an entire page that lists myths and facts of health reform – what it is and isn’t, what it can and can’t do.

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One Response to “Oh look – it’s Health Reform!”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Very informative. Thanks!

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