Xmas Wars

This is not an SNL skit or other parody group’s work.  This is fo’ real.

This movie will be loved by some people, but in the light of recent events and the us vs them mentality going on with the Ground Zero “Mosque”, the planned burning of the Koran,  the Pope’s visit to UK, Tea Party candidates calling for less church-state separation, et cetera, et cetera, I think the majority of people will see this for this movie for the divisive piece of crap that it looks to be.  And since this Christmas with a Capital C is straight-to-DVD, I don’t think the majority of the mainstream will ever even know about this movie.

Go go gadget optimism!

And to be clear, Christmas with a Capital C is the movie’s official title.  But I think How the Atheist Stole Christmas is more appropriate and filled with truthiness.  Or, as Balk from The Awl suggested Bullshit Resentments Fomented To Somehow Convince The Practitioners Of America’s Most Widely-Followed Faith That They Are Under Siege: The Movie

Via BlagHag, Joe My God, and a gazillon billion other rationality, atheism and skeptical websites.

Oh, and check out the movie’s namesake – a video about Go Fish, the Christian rock band that wrote and performed the song “Christmas with a Capital C”.  It’s pretty great when the lead singer says that Christmas didn’t used to be about religion, it was about culture and everyone used to participated in the holiday even if they disagreed with the religion because it was good for all of us.  Say what?  And I love the part where they make fun of people who say Happy Holidays by lisping the “s” and speaking in a soft voice (read: speaking like The Gays).  It’s FAB-ulous!


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2 Responses to “Xmas Wars”

  1. Agatha82 Says:

    Er….someone go tell the Christians THEY stole most of their so called “holidays” from the Pagans…hellooooo…..oh and someone needs to thell them that there are MILLIONS of people out there who are NOT Christian (just show them the map: China, India etc etc)

    I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than watch that film oh and “Christian Rock” band…er, something is NOT right with them two words together AHHHH!

  2. jana Says:

    I am a sucker for everything Christmas. For purely secular-and personal- reasons, I might add. I love the smells of the season: pine, tinsel, cookies, snow… You know, everything. For the first time in years, it actually might be white. I’m psyched!

    And the movie? Kind of reminds me of my last winter in Toronto, and the ultimate result of Ontario’s famous debate on political correctness. That year, Ontarians had “holiday trees,” were sending “holiday greetings, offices held “celebration of the season” parties. I don’t think it stick around the next year, but it certainly stirred up a storm regarding the far-fetched efforts of trying to make every ethnicity comfortable. Turns out, they can have the exact opposite effect.

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