Godless Morning Reading

Who doesn’t love a little god with their Corn Pops and grapefruit juice?

Two excellent (and decently short) articles from The Guardian.  Via the Religious Kooks and Other Superstitious Nonsense Facebook page.

Is God scraping the barrel for miracles? – Martin Robbins.  As Mr. Robbins puts it:

God used to be able to part seas and flood planets. By the end of the Old Testament he was turning people into pillars of salt and Aaron’s rod into a snake. At the time of Jesus, God our omnipotent deity was basically down to party tricks, and now, what, easing an old man’s backache for a few months?

Sex and death lie at the poisoned heart of religion – Polly Toynbee.  This article has a more serious tone to it.  Toynbee explains how the church’s controlling grip on reproduction, our bodies and sexuality,  and how we perceive and handle death are the seat of the church’s power.  My favorite snippet from the article:

As Ben Goldacre pointed out in this paper on Saturday, while this pope claims condoms “aggravate the problem” of HIV/Aids, two million die a year. Ann Widdecombe’s riposte that the Catholic church runs more Aids clinics than any single nation was like suggesting the Spanish Inquisition ran the best rehab clinics for torture victims.

And now for something on the lighter side: This video of Steve Martin performing “Atheists Ain’t Got No Songs” with the Steep Canyon Rangers at MerleFest 2010 has been out for a while, but it’s always good fun.


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One Response to “Godless Morning Reading”

  1. Agatha82 Says:

    Loved that Guardian article and some of the comments people posted. Someone said that god needs to work harder to impress us now and how he should get together with George Lucas or James Cameron and do something in 3D ha ha ha

    Them Catholics are a lost cause…I know because I was raised Catholic so I know how they brainwash you…just glad I never fell for it..

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