We’re not all nerds.

Last Thursday I was working in the lab, and so I was wearing my prescription safety goggles.  I worked all morning long, and went to lunch at 1:45 – 15 minutes after the cafeteria closed and me with no bag lunch that day.  No problem, I figured I’d drive over to Taco Bell* to pick up a late lunch.

I arrive at Taco Bell and walk up to the counter.  The register clerk gives me a strange double-take and asks “Are you wearing safety glasses?”  I reach up and touch my face, and sure enough I’d forgotten to swap out my lab goggles for my regular frames.  “Oh yeah, they’re prescription and I forgot my other glasses at work.  Guess they’ll have to do for now.”  I give the guy a sheepish grin and open my mouth to place my order, but he interrupts me and says in an incredulous, semi-disgusted voice, “How could you forget that you were wearing safety glasses?  They’re huge!” 

And I’m thinking “You’re weird and need to stop obsessing over my glasses and please take my order now, k?” but I decide to insert a little humor into the situation so I look at him and say – with a conspiratorial (sexy spy) grin and a completely joking voice – “Actually, I always wear safety glasses when I leave my house; it’s a dangerous world out there and ya gotta be safe.”  And then I give him one of these used-car salesman double guns gestures and wink broadly at him and giggle (dammit, yes, I actually giggled). 

He rolls his eyes at me and (finally) asks “Sooooooo… what can I get you today?” 

How high school “I’m-so-way-cooler-than-you-and-can’t-believe-we’re-stuck-in-the-same-place” is that?  But happily, I am no longer in high school, so instead getting my order to go, running to my car and dying of embarrassment, I thought “what a douche this guy is”, ordered my food and enjoyed a leisurely lunch while reading a copy of “A Tour of the Calculus”.

*Mmmm…Taco Bell with it’s salty goodness!  Ooo, and now they have these “cantina tacos”, double corn softshell tacos served in foil with a lime slice on the side – finally!  I’ve had tacos like this before at the traveling lunch trucks that specialize in Mexican food and they are the best!  Taco Bell’s cantina tacos can’t hold a candle to the lunch trucks, but they’re tasty for chain fast food.

This post was inspired by Jen from Blag Hag’s “Sometimes I forget that not everyone is a nerd“, although her article is much more fun and light-hearted and there are no jerky Taco Bell employees involved.


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5 Responses to “We’re not all nerds.”

  1. Madeline Says:

    Ok, normally I wouldn’t diss anyone based on their job, but I don’t think a Taco Bell counter jockey has much of a coolness leg to stand on…

  2. Agatha82 Says:

    I agree with what Madeline says. Also, that guy needs to get himself a sense of HUMOUR….what an idiot.
    Okay, I don’t think those goggles are that bad to be truthful, I don’t know if I would have even noticed them myself lol.
    P.S I miss Taco Bell and their soft beef tacos…gahhhhhh *Homer type drool*

  3. jana Says:

    I was half hoping your goggles looked like a snorkel mask – now that would be a tad odd!

    I bow before your sense of humour. How awesome was your decision to stay and enjoy your lunch! And the whole bang-bang-wink wink? So much cooler when performed in safety goggles 😉

  4. Paula Says:

    You want I should drive up there and smack him for you, sweetie?

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