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I don’t know about the rest of the country or world, but here in Minnesota Fall just came along and placed a major smackdown on Summer.  I can’t believe I wore a long-sleeve button-up shirt and a coat to work this morning.  It’s a pretty bizarre time of year because the trees and grass are still green and lush, but I step outside expecting 80°F and it’s only 55-60°F. 


I’ve added two blogs to my blogroll sections to the right:

AmeobaMike – I followed this blog home after it’s owner left a comment on one of my posts yesterday.  AmeobaMike is about science and science education.  Dude has ATP and Golgi in his popular tags section AND he’s got a cartoon for his blog avatar AND he makes science cards.  Silly and science always work well for me.   

Richard Wiseman’s Blog – I follow Richard Wiseman on twitter and always end up following his links back to his blog, so I decided to finally skip the middleman and get him up here on The List.


Have you heard about the tragedy at the crocodile sanctuary in Belize?  Two children who had been out selling limes went missing and they haven’t yet been found.

It gets worse.

Villagers received information from a local psychic that the children had been kidnapped and fed to crocodiles at the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary.  They went to the police and demanded action.  

When the police didn’t act fast enough for the villagers, they took the law into their own hands based on the “evidence”: The psychic’s tale and the fact that they saw limes in the kitchen when they peeked through the windows (remember that the missing children had been selling limes at the time of their disappearance).  The villagers stormed the sanctuary and burned it to the ground.  No humans were physically harmed, but it has been claimed that at least two crocodiles were slaughtered and over a million dollars of property destroyed.  Animal Policy Examiner has written up an account of the events leading up to the incident.

CNN also covered the story:

Now according to the psychic is being charged with “psychic pretense”.  None of those from the mob have yet been charged with any crime, and a public meeting to discuss the incident with the town is scheduled for Sunday.

This ain’t going to end well for anyone, is it?


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3 Responses to “Weather ~ Links ~ ACES Tragedy”

  1. Agatha82 Says:

    That kind of ignorance really makes me angry…I know it’s a bunch of poor villagers but damn, someone better arrest the idiot “psychic”

    Oh and Autumn is making its way to London alreayd as well. The leaves are starting to change colour already.

    P.S You have been tagged in a virtual game by me (see my blog)

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Re: AmoebaMike, there was a day when I was going to call the blog something to do with Amoebas. My internet handle for some time was ‘moeba. It was short for “Jer-amoeba”. I thought it was clever at the time.

    Amoebas are awesome. You’ve probably seen the quote: “Pound for pound the amoeba is the most vicious animal on earth.”

    LOVE IT.

    Re: crocs and psychics … I long for a day when we’re rid of superstitions!

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