Daily Comics Strips

Reading the daily comics is one of my routines.  I like comic strips because they’re allowed to be absurd but they can also say a lot about life, the universe and everything – often in one to four tiny squares of art and writing.  These two from Friday’s Star Tribune caught my eye (click to enlarge):



I’m going with Dad on this one – women don’t need to cut down men in the pursuit of equality!  But song can be a a form of emotional expression – the message doesn’t have to be fair.

But we do have the option of reaching over and changing the station if we don’t like the message!

Jump Start

Jump Start

Yay!  Thank you little dude in the white shirt and red tie.  There are always jobs out there, but they may not come to your front door to hand you a coffee and drive you to the office.  Hell, sometimes they may flip you the finger, make you jump through hoop after hoop and then graciously allow you to bust your ass as a temporary contractor (says I from multiple personal experiences).  There are tons of reasons why people who want to work are unemployed at one time or another, and in many cases it’s not the unemployed person’s fault.  But, it’s almost definitely (probably) not President Obama’s fault either.


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2 Responses to “Daily Comics Strips”

  1. Agatha82 Says:

    Totally agree that it’s wrong for women to cut down men. Have seen it done too many times but I know what you mean about freedom of speech in regards to the song.

  2. dorothy robinson Says:

    why did the l.a times discontinue Rex Morgan,m.d? A mistake!

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