Doctorate in Cryptozoological Sciences

Don’t you hate when the scienticians make fun of your well-thought out theories and the undeniable evidence you provide of cryptozoological specimens?  And isn’t it frustrating how these “well-educated” men and women look down their noses at you because you don’t have a specialized degree in your field?

Well, look no further and get ready to turn those doubters into True Believers!

The American Institute of Metaphysical Studies can bestow you with the honor and accolades that are needed to impress even the most stuck-up academician!

Because for all their big talk about “repeatable, verifiable evidence”, you and I know that all these decorated peacocks want are credentials.

So, get your BS ($1965), your MS ($2340) or your Doctorate ($2690) in cryptozoology* today!

*Additional degree programs in ufology and the paranormal sciences


One Response to “Doctorate in Cryptozoological Sciences”

  1. Hubby Says:

    I wonder what job a “scientist” will have who searches for living examples of mythical creatures. Please fill in your own punch-line here.

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