This Weekend? Game On!

I might head over to Shakopee for the opening weekend of the Renaissance Festival – fun!  I love the atmosphere at RenFair – all of the costumes and the themed artisans…do want!  What do you guys have planned?  Summer is slipping away, people!  Get out there and have some fun!  I know you’ve got plans.

Sorry for another day of relatively fluffy content.  I have a couple of draft blogs that I’m working on and very excited to get out…but there’s just been no time to knock ’em out!  So today I’m happy to share a geeky gamer video from The Guild folks called Game On – A Bollywood-themed Gamer’s Anthem.  It was released in July or August, so it’s old by interwebby dating, but relatively new by non-nerd clocks.  If you’re new to The Guild, you may wish to check out the stellar “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” – it’s also hilarious.  Well, for non-nerds it will hopefully be amusing, gamer geeks will find it pretty funny, and fans of The Guild will find it hilarious.


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One Response to “This Weekend? Game On!”

  1. jana Says:

    Gosh – I love a good parody. Take that, Real Life! Though by no means a gamer, I was amused – the tune is catchy!

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